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100 pictures of monkeys punching dinosaurs.

Friday, October 17, 2008

El Gorgo!

Crime-fighting, novel-writing masked wrestler gorilla scientist
- vs -
Pteranadon man from 10,000 years in the future!
How could you ask for more? BAM!
Thanks, Mike McGee and Tamas Jakab!
For more El Gorgo action, check out his eponymous comic series over at!

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  • At 8:46 am, Blogger Pablo said…

    OH WOW!!! Where has this website been my whole life!! Take THAT sauruskind! Hahaha. Ok I love dinos, but they're getting punched by MONKEYS! Ha! Stupid prehistoric beasts of yesteryear. They didn't know what hit em! How about that last one! Pterodactyl ain't nothing compared to the brute power of a vicious monkey punch!! But wait, it says there's 8 left to go, meaning 82 have been done, but i can only 6, where' the remaining 76 punches? I need to know!

  • At 8:49 am, Blogger Adam said…

    You can check out all of the current crop of 92 monkeypunches by accessing the archives in the right-hand menu, pablo. enjoy!

  • At 11:44 am, Blogger dogimo said…

    That looks more like a monkey KICK dinosaur to me. Albeit with a foot made out of fist!

  • At 3:04 pm, Blogger Adam said…

    we've said it before and we'll say it again, if a foot is a fist then a kick is a punch. huzzah!


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